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Alan Rosenberg

Cal City Financial

Professional Financial Services


Alan Rosenberg provides Cetera Advisors LLCfaceted financial services, offering a broad range of personal and business consulting to clients throughout  California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and New Hampshire, the District of Columbia and Virginia. Alan utilizes state-of-the-art technologies combined with years of practical experience to analyze, assess and manage the financial health of our clients.




Impact of Inflation

Estimate the future cost of an item based on today’s prices and the rate of inflation you expect.

Loan Payoff

How much will it cost to pay off a loan over its lifetime?

Home Affordability

Estimate of the maximum amount of financing you can expect to get when you begin house hunting.

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Understanding RMDs

The rules for taking required minimum distributions are explained. Plus: an illustration of how RMDs work.

Special Bequests for Special People

A personal property memorandum could be used to make bequests of specific items to heirs.

New Flexibility for College Savings

New investment flexibility for 529 plans and how these plans may help you accumulate savings for higher education costs.

HOT TOPIC: What’s Behind the M&A Surge?

A surge of M&A activity began in 2014 and has continued in 2015. Why and what it means for investors and consumers

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